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  Profile   - 'whoever dares to teach, must never cease to learn'. 

  • In depth EYFS knowledge, Relevant CPD training and certification
  • Senior Leadership/Management roles
  • Adult training experience
  • Confident speaker and presenter
  • Good project management skills 
  • Effective use of ICT
  • Experience of teaching within EYFS, KS1 & KS2
  • Tutoring experience; KS1, 7+, KS2 SATs Booster, 11+
  • Forest School Leader knowledge and experience 
  • STEM Ambassador volunteer - BBC MICROBIT 
  • ZUMBA dance instructor certification



                       Early Years Foundation - EYFS

                    I have worked in EYFS for over 10 years. During that time I have done the following:

                    • Ensure that the Curriculum is creative and child centered

                    • Implemented robust system of monitoring, inline with the EYFS Curriculum.

                     The Child 

                    As an early years practitioner I have been able to build up a repertoire of relevant experience and skills. Which has enabled me to:

                    • Recognise potential, understand differences in children

                    • Support parents and carers in ensuring their child reaches their full potential.

                    • Keep abreast in Early Years pedagogy by attending relevant training.


                     Policy Procedures and Inclusion 

                    Having robust Policies and Procedures in place which support good practice will help organisations maintian a consistently high standard and have the ability to provide an 'Outstanding' quality provision - which I achieved in 2014 whilst Teacher and Deputy Manager in my previous role.

                    Code Club

                    Regularly assists my husband with running coding workshops for kids using the BBC micro:bit