What I Can offer: -

Delivery of training and workshops covering:

Forest School

Early Language Development 

Well-being for parents


Early Language Development 

School readiness workshopst 

Parents and Practitioners

Parents can help their children develop into emotionally stable people by giving them a supportive environment, positive feedback, be role models of healthy behavior and interactions, and someone for the child to talk to about their emotional reactions to their experiences.

As a Teacher and practitioner I have been involved with a number of successful initiatives to enable parents to support their children and become more involved in this very important phase in their child's development.

 I did this through facilitating and delivering a number of workshops

School Readiness:

  • Help Your Child to Talk

  • Help Your Child To Listen

  • Let's Get Ready for School

  • Early Words Together

Parental Well-Being:

  • You Can Live Your Dreams

  • 5 Keys to Well-Being

I also organised 'Stay & Plays', Open mornings, explaining the EYFS and Forest School pedagogy and provided opportunities for volunteering within the Children's Centre and School. Many of the parents who participated have since gone onto to become Early Years Practitioners themselves and have commented that their interaction with their child had improved.

I have always mentored volunteers, students and staff, all of whom have gone onto further their education and/or permanent employment or in the case of some of our parent volunteers - become Parent champions. I am developed my skill as a coach and referred to my line manager when advice was needed and resources that are available for developing this skill. 


'A stable team is important in creating positive outcomes for children's development and the provision of quality care, as team stability is essential to the development of strong attachments and relationships between children, carers and staff'.  

Teamwork and shared vision is essential in delivering high quality provision and learning opportunities and good practice with regard to managing staff is paramount. Regular staff meetings and INSETS are used to inform and advise of changes in practice. Use of staff emails and other communications ensure staff are informed and encourage involvement and collaboration within the team as a whole.

I have also delivered training and workshops to Early Years Educators in 1:1 and group settings in the following areas:


  • Adult-child interaction

  • Forest School

  • ELDP - Supporting Early Language Development Training - Working with Babies & Toddlers, Working with under 3s, Working with Parents & Families.

  • EYFS Curriculum updates