What  I Can offer:

Audit of Policy and procedures to ensure that they are in line with current legislation.

Audit of provision using ECERS Toolkit

Audit of Adult-Child interaction using SSTEW toolkit

Policy and Procedures

Having robust Policies and procedures in place which support good practice will help organisations maintain a consistently high standard and have the ability to provide an outstanding quality provision. Through ensuring anti- discriminatory practice by: 

  • Celebrate and value differences

  • Religious festivals

I have been involved in developing, implementing and maintaining robust systems of data collection, record keeping and monitoring, to enable more efficient and effective working practices for staff and, which also measure impact of provision. 

I am able to respond and adapt to new legislation requirements and early years practice in education by keeping abreast of new research in early years pedagogy and attending relevant training.  


Good practice includes anti-discriminatory practice, providing for those with SEND. Ensuring that the practice refers to the relevant Acts such as:

  • Children's Act 2014

  • SEN Code of Practice 2015

  • Keeping Children Safe in Education 2016

As a qualified SENCo I was responsible for ensuring the provision was in line with legislation and the our provision was inclusive for all children and parents.