What I Can offer:

Well-Being & Involvement – The Leuven Scales of Well-Being and Involvement

The Leuvens Scale is considered a quality tool for the assessment and improvement of early years practice and having been trained in it’s use, I am able to support your setting in ensuring its effective use to identify and overcome barriers to effective learning. 

In addition, with children’s emotional mental health remaining so high on the national agenda, this tool will enable you to successfully monitor the well-being and involvement of children in your setting.

The Child 

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As an early years practitioner I have been able to build up a repertoire of relevant experience and skills which enable me to recognise potential, understand differences in children and support parents and carers in ensuring their child reaches their full potential.

Knowing how children learn, following their interests and taking their lead in their learning, takes time, expertise and love for children and the profession, which I have.

High quality learning will enable children to be become the best learners they can be, as they will be making good progress in acquiring skills. This will foster a positive attitude towards learning, help them work towards gaining new skills and achieving goals, develop confidence in their own abilities, take risks, welcome challenges and transfer skills learnt across different areas.

The use of the Leuvens scale to monitor a child's level of Well-being and Involvement is one tool that I embedded in our practice, to ensure that all children felt safe and were engaged in our provision. This also assisted practitioners in monitoring the level of well being and engagement over a period of time.